Who We Are

There is no place like the Cameo Cinema.
Napa Valley is a special place.  Not only is it one of the most beautiful spots on earth, it’s a place with heart.  Throughout Napa Valley there is a strong feeling of community.  It’s a place where people care about the environment, about lifestyle, and – most of all – about one another.  The Cameo Cinema is an important part of Napa Valley.  For over 100 years she has provided so much more than a relaxing place to enjoy great movies.  The Cameo is truly a community hub where myriad entertainment and educational programs bring friends and neighbors together to laugh, cry, dream, and learn.

Friends of the Cameo brings the best of world cinema to Napa Valley as a  continuation of our mission to bridge cultural understanding and encourage artistic development by provoking thought through film.  Across countries, languages and cultures, film opens a window onto new worlds, demonstrates the promise of new possibilities, and gives expression to different ways of thinking, all the while confirming our shared stories and common humanity. It's important to us that we're always learning, always exploring, always seeing the world in new ways.  Won't you join us?