The Amphora Project: Past Forward

"Movies: they make us laugh, they make us cry, they make us hungry.  If films tell the stories of our lives, and food is our common ground, then it’s only natural to celebrate the delicious marriage of the two. " --James Beard Blog, Julie Weil


Amphorae (clay vessels) have played a key role in winemaking and storage for more than 8,000 years. Wines made in these vessels have influenced cultures and religions since the beginning. Today, a movement is taking place in San Luis Obispo County, where winemakers are experimenting, not only with winemaking in amphorae, but also ancient winemaking techniques. Explore the past, the present, and the future in this documentary hosted by Karen MacNeil, renowned wine educator and author of The Wine Bible. 

March 8 / 5:00 pm
March 10 / 2:00 pm

Q&A following the film with Karen MacNeil, who is celebrated as one of the top wine professionals in the United States.

Joining her onstage will be Producer Libbie Agran from the Wine History Project of San Luis Obispso County, and Tim Clott and Noel Resnick of Partners2Media. Noel was the Executive Producer and Tim was the Director as well as the Editor and Director of Photography.

from Partners2Media

BONUS: We will also be screening DUMB from Partners2Media. This is when a bottle that's meant for long aging goes through an awkward period where its flavors and aromas are closed, muted, inexpressive.